Monday, August 11, 2014

The Yellow Batman

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Hello everyone.
When I woke up in the yesterday morning, I saw so many weird and unusual things. I pinch my cheek, and I was sure that I was [still] in a dream. But finally I realized that I was not. Maybe I just wanna do something different today

Gimco Uomo Blue shirt, Oversized Yellow Batman t-Shirt,
Common black jeans, Converse All Stars Shoes,
Handmade + Random Unbranded bracelets.

     Can you imagine if we should do the same things everytime? It's like you always use black and white colors for your papers, and you never try other colors. It must be boring, huh? Doing something new doesn't mean we must stop our daily activities and replace them with the new ones. We just need to add it, so we will never be bored to run the next days.




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