Monday, September 22, 2014

Brighter Than The Sun

     This is my first time editing background for my potfit post. I delete the background for a simple reason: I don't like it. Then I use a random picture as the new background.Not cool enough, but better the original. LOL

     I combine my blue sweater with my yellow T-shirt today. Isn't it look lke sun and sky? haha whatever
Oversized Yellow Batman t-Shirt, Blue-grey sweater,
Common black jeans, random bracelets, Bariho fashion watch.
     Anyway, I will be busy in the next two weeks. Please please wish me luck for my final exam. Would you?


  1. Coba lg look ini dgn styling: T-shirt ini, sweeternya lengannya ditarik sampai siku. Pakai celana pendek warna putih, pakai sepatu vans putih.

  2. Eh itu mukanya nggak kemerahan Aul? :D :D


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