Friday, December 5, 2014

Patterned Grey

Well, Hello everyone!
How's life?

I'm so happy because it's already the end of the year. A super duper long holiday is coming and there's nothing better, I guess. I'm in the happiest mood of 2014, and trust me, I will never let anything ruins that. Toowhit Towhoo!

So, some days ago I visited The Central Library of my university and I found out that the head of my campus already build a new room, with patterned grey wallpaper. I love it. And the cool thing is, I also wore my grey jacket, match with the wallpaper. It made me thing "Heyy, that would be cool if I take some photos here" and here are some photos of my outfit of that day..

I'm wearing :
Customized grey varsity jacket (with customized words at the back), white T-shirt
Swimmer's watch, Levi's Jeans and Levi's Sneakers/Shoes


  1. Ciye, aul makin kece aja nih ((:

  2. aduh. kadang suka pingin jadi cowok, dengan dandanan yang nggak ribet udah bisa kece. seneng banget kalau nemu fashionblogger cowok. tapi sayang sedikit.. :")

  3. Hihi aku doain Aul jadi fashion blogger kece yaaa :)

  4. love your jacket :)
    im following your blog!

  5. Nice!

  6. lookin dope <3

  7. i like this casual look on you!

    kindly check out my fashion blog


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