Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Sooper Cut Barbershop

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I know it looks like a caffee or chic resto. But when you see it clearly you'll know that it is a barbershop. Lol. Yes people, this is a male haircut center or something. When I saw it in the first time, I was sure that is a caffee too. But when my friends and I went through the way in front of that place again-again after hanging out for ice cream time at McD, we finally found out that there were some hairdresser and hairstylist working inside it. Call me villagers but this is seriously the coolest barbershop in our city since other barbershops are handed by old man with boring sense of decoration. Oopss.. hehe. Hey let's just have a look to the inside and I'm sure that you'll agree with me :)
FYI it's a real wooden wall, not a printed picture nor wallstickers. Isn't it awesome?
One of my friend tried a new haircut. But he didn't allow me to share the result here. Sorry ^^;
Loving the vintage (or retro?) decorations...
"Can I get this for my bedroom, bro?"
The facilities

 The catalogue

Pick your favorite style!

 They also sell various hair treatment products

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