Sunday, October 18, 2015

A CREATE Padang!

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As an art lover, I always love the events that full of art. Moreover, if the organizer cover it up in creative & innovative way. I mean, different, but in a good perspective. And moreover if the programs are made especially for young adults or teens, which we know would be much wayyyy more fun than the boring event that held by olders for olders. Eww. I will regret everything if I miss even just one of the events. . And yess, one of the coolest event ever is coming to my town. A CREATE!

 A CREATE PADANG is the first and the biggest collaboration event in Padang which involves many communities in Sumatera. The events itself would be attended by some cool artsy people like Padang Gambar, Rumah Ada Seni, Minangkabau Photography, #AyoDengarRadio, komunitas visual art, cinematography Etc who will meet on “Community Square”.


And you know what, there would be a creative workshop too that attended by some Indonesian art legends like Anton Ismael (founder Kelas Pagi), Narpati Awangga (Oomleo) dan Arifin Windarman (founder UNKL347).

And the best part is, this event would be attended by the most happening music groups of the year!!!!
- Seringai
- The S.I.G.I.T
- Maliq and the Essentials
- White Shoes and the Couples Company.
In A CREATE, an art marketplace would be filled by local brands who will satisfied the visitors. The visitors also may visit many engagement booth like Bag Painting, Laptop Case Painting, Shibori Tees, Ombre Tees, Spray Tees, etc.
Mark your calendar, Rang Mudo Padang! The event would be on Oktober 18th 2015 at Lapangan Udara (Lanud) Tabing, Padang, for the whole day!