Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hello From The Ouside..

Hello everyone
Busy day doesn't always mean we have no time for hanging out, don't you think? Haha yea I've been busy again lately helping my lecturer's project. But thanks God I have many cool friends that always save me after working time. They always accompany me having dinner or chit-chat or something for fun, to refresh my mind. So somedays ago we visited a new cafe called Thamrin Cafe, in Thamrin Street, Padang. They got a bunch of decorations. I saw no empty wall because every inch is full of toys, stickers, paintings, pictures, accesories, etc. What a cool new cafe! I think I'm gonna visit this cafe more often from now on..

But first, let's start with what I wore that day..

 I wore my asymmetric shirt, Skater's Jeans, Rubber watch
And my new dark brown Boots. Got it from a bazaar in cheap price. yay
P.S. I got a new haircut too. A bit too short, I guess..

Loving that London Red Box Telephone

Yupp, that's a real vintage bicycle hanging up there

It's all about eroupe around here.
Italia.. Paris.. London.. etc

Call me oldskool but Fried Rice is always one of menu I ordered everywhere I eat. LOL
They got a nice french fries and delicious fruits rainbow ice too

Yepp, they also got a mini stage where every visitors could singing Live
My friends asked me to sing and randomly I sang "All of Me" from John Legend
and "Hello" from Adelle

That was a fun day
Btw how was your November, everyone?



  1. Amazing shirt !! so cool !
    I'm following you now .

  2. Hai uda kotak-kotaaak :D

  3. Keren banget, enak kayaknya makanannya ..

  4. Hello, its me ! hahaha
    I'm younger loh
    Suka bajunya nice color

  5. Kalo ngeliat jam mesti nunduk begitu yaaaa hahaha #kabur

  6. Hello! Hahaha first of all, I really loved the title

    Your outfit is perfect for that kind of day, also the photos are fantastic!

    Wait for you on my blog, there is a new post featuring Adele :p


  7. such a well review and your look so great thooo!


  8. Great photos. Your shirt is so retro chic


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