Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bloggers Meet Up

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Well, actually this meet-up is not a new one. We met some days ago. Maybe a week ago. But I forgot to share about it on the blog because.. my memory-card has lost. For a personal blogger, that means disaster! Can you imagina how terrible it is? In this century, writing a blog without photo is like eating Pizza without sauce, or like breads without jam, or likr milkshake without sugar. Delicious too, indeed, but not really. Hehehe.
Bang Ferdi, Kak Fhia, Kak Siska, Thity, Bang Emen, Lala, Bang Ryan..
Got this photo of us from Kak Fhia. Thank you kak!
My new bracelet with the url of my diary blog on it.
Love it!
That time, we met at UP COWORKING SPACE.
The first coworking space in Padang.
We can visit it for hanging out, meeting, writing thesis, writing book, etc.
For the facilities, there are free drinks (unlimited) and free unlimited WiFi too. Wow
Isn't it cool?

And we chit-chat about everything for hours!

Btw, I officially made a logo.
An official logo for branding my name.

What do you guys think?
 A H
From Aul Howler.
Blue and white are my fav colours.
It looks like a window because I love window, and spending time near window.

Do you like it?