Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Work Hard Stay Cool

Hello people.
This is my very first post in 2016 wohoo!
Thanks God last year was really full of blessings. And this year seems like it's going to be blessed too. You know what, I got a new job : An Assistant! Isn't it cool? lol. Well, the lecturer who has been my tutor in writing undergraduate thesis (He is the head of major too) asked me to be his assistant. I had no idea why he picked me since I'm not that smart. My GPA is only 3,35, lower than ma classmates whose GPA reached 3,8. I'm also not that dilligent too, coz you know, my name is AUL and it stands for [A]lways [U]sually [L]ate. Yup, I'm always late in everything. I'm that kind of boy who woke up at 09.00 and checked instagram updates, while the college actually started at 08.00 :)))

But whatever the reason is, I'm very lucky to get this job. I gotta be serious and work hard like Andrea Sachs in "Devil Wears Prada" to satisfy my boss. Hey, I think my situation right now is similar with that movie (Do you ever watch it, guys?). But my boss and I are the male version. Plus, my boss is not an editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine. lol

Btw I just bought a pair of rubber shoes (so I'm gonna be safe in rainy and dry day yeah!) and a nice shirt on the mall. I love the quote on it. wdyt?


  1. Hi Aul, you look so cute and cool here XD
    Congrats for your new job and hope everything run smoothly ♥

    My Little Cream Button ♥

    1. Finally comes a day when a really cute gurl saying "you look so cute" to me


  2. Gw suka nih style yg ini. Lebih sedap dipandang mata. Hahahahhaa

  3. Very good outfit Aul, and congrats on your new job!


  4. Hello, dear! First, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you can reach all your goals, the best for you :)

    And congrats on that new job, I'm sure you will be the next Andy Sachs :D


  5. So casual Aul !!! nice look.



  6. kurang suka ekspresinya ul... hehe

  7. I like the t-shirt.

    NEW POST IN MY FASHION BLOG!!: http://www.diamondconestilopropio.com/2016/01/london-fashion-week-autumnwinter-2016.html

  8. Haha yes please, I watched that movie a thousand times!
    Congratulations with your new job, see, grades aren't the most important thing in life. You'll do fine.

    Celien | The Losing Struggle


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