Monday, August 29, 2016

The 2nd Anniversary - New Page URL!

Yes everyone, it's two years already!
I don't even realize that I've been uploading stuffs in this new page of mine since August 2014. Times flies so fast! Well, I hope there will be no end for this blog. Wish him a long life, just like its brother (who'll be turned 8 years next month).

Another great news.
I finally changed this blog's url into :

yes, people.

I decided to change it since many people often confuse about my blogs.
2 of my blogs are in the same url, except the domain
( and )

So, yeah. I think I need to make it easier to remember, hehe.

Thanks for dropping by, guys


  1. makan makannnnnnnnnnnn
    ciyeeee, bentar lagi stylenya akan berganti, secara udah tinggal di jakarta. liatin deh. hahahahhhaaaa


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