Saturday, September 17, 2016

Call 911 Soon, I'm A Thief and I Want to Steal Someone's Heart

Two toned shirt (with gold-colored buttons)
Stanley Adams Grey pants
And my all-time favorite rubber shoes

It has been almost a month since the first day I started my study here, in Depok. I'm actually still trying to fit in with the whole new environment & society & tradition & new life (Living alone all by myself) here, of course. Being far away from home for the first time since I was born is actually kinda hard. I have to survive, I know, since I've been twenty-something-years-old already and I need to be independent. But I could not lie that everything seems harder, yet more complicated here, which sometimes make me miss my fams & hometown so much--where my life feels easier & more comfortable. Okay stop, let's skip this part and continue to the real topic of the post before I messed up everything with sad life story or painful drama plot. lol.

I need to warn you not to fall in love at the first sight because my outfit-of-the-day makes me looks like a cute young bussiness men, lol. This time, I'm wearing a new two-toned shirt to go to the campus. You know what they said, being formal doesn't mean that you must wear something plain and boring only. And yes, I prove it. A simple two-toned shirt may be a good choice to wear since it's become a hot item this year. In my case, I also got a classic one with gold-colored buttons. Paired it up with my semiformal pants from Stanley Adams collections and I pick my rubber shoes as the footwear. What I love the most about this shoes is that I would never be afraid of rain or water splash or wet ground (It's raining very often around here) because of the waterproof material. Moreover, it looks like a casual leather shoes eventhough it's actually rubber, which is soft, very light and comfortable. PLUS, I bought it for a super cheap price. Gonna invest my snack-money for another rubber shoes, I guess. haha.

Taken by my chubby-but-pretty friend Maggie.
Thank you Magg!


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