Saturday, September 10, 2016

Gotta Catch Pikachu! Trainer's Spirit!

Wearing patterned-hoodie vest (From a cropped sweatshirt, lol), Hugo Boss trousers,
Quartz watch, Unbranded sandals, and a Pokemon T-shirt

Welcome September. It's a busy month for new students, and I'm currently busy as well. Feel not so ready to leave my comfort free days too early but what can I do? I know it's gonna be happened soon. But, in the end of the day I always ended up blaming schedules or beefed about why I got tons of activities in super limited time. Lol. It's kinda normal, I guess. Since many people do the same thing, no?

Thank you bestfriends, for always there.
So, my bestfriends are now separated in Bandung, Bogor, Pulogadung, Depok and Padang. Last weekend, 4 of my bestfriends came all the way from Bandung, Pulogadung, Bogor and Depok for hangout at one of mall in Bintaro. And I got a chance to wear my new Pokemon T-shirt since the view around there is kinda Johtoish-Kantoish (Pokemon world regions) lol. Here are some snaps from the day..


Got a Pikachu!
Btw, do you guys play Pokemon GO? :))


  1. I never interested at playing pokemon go tho' :D my friends play that game all the time.

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

    1. hahah well everyone have their fav game riiite


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