Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Guy with Gold Axe

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Wearing Grey Polo Shirt from AsmaraKu and Vintage leather boots from Zalora Indonesia

One windy afternoon in November, a big package arrived in the front of my room. I had no idea about that surprising yet shocking gift at the momment, wondering whose package that is. Then I read the upper side of it and I found my name on it. Whoalaa. That mean it was unboxing time and yayness I got so many cool stuffs for this post.

So, I got a starter pack of AXE, one of the most famous bodyspray brand for men, as well as a cool polo shirt of Ocean Pacific, a Murray Pomade plus a love letter from my dearest sponsor of the month, Asmaraku ID. You know, I'm a kind of that unordinary boy who doesn't like strong-smelled fragrance. I like to have nice smell, but too much isn't so me. So this AXE Gold Temptation is just perfect for me, with relaxing fragrance but light. I mean, I do smell nice but undetected from 5 meters lol. You see it also comes in a classy packaging with luxury color, make it looks expensive. It also super easy to be applied, just twist and spraayy!

Me likey

I bring it almost everytime from now on. lol

You see, the grey polo shirt is suit me perfectly
I mean, how do they now my size? lol XD

Finally my favorite part. Spreading good news! Special for my readers, if you guys shop something on AsmaraKu up to IDR 200K, you can get IDR 50K OFF by using my unique code : AFFAUL50

Use it well! I hope you enjoy shopping on AsmaraKu

You're welcome :)




Tulis comments
November 29, 2016 at 8:53 PM

Ohh, so you also have a fashion blog :)

Nice review kak! Will definitely use your code if I find something interesting to shop on AsmaraKu :)

February 17, 2018 at 6:18 AM

Nice post dan sukses selalu ya


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