Sunday, December 11, 2016

Five Shades of Navy Blue

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Wearing my new stripped-gradient navy sweater from Matahari Dept Store,
Skater's black skinny jeans and Navy boots from ZALORA Indonesia

It's winter in half of the planet and I wonder how fun it must be; walking on the frozen street in layered sweaters and coats, with white wind blowing from our mouth everytime we breath, while snowflakes are falling down from the cloudy sky onto hairs and shoulders. Wow. You know, I lived in a beautiful tropical country which means there's no winter here. When you guys have tons of pretty snowy ground around there, I have tons of wet and muddy ground around here, lol. Yup, it's rainy season here in Indonesia. So I was super excited when a sunday morning was sunny a few days ago. Put sweaters on (because it's still a lil bit cold thou..) and turn camera on! It's photoshoot time, amigos!

I got this amazing gradient sweater from Matahari Department Store in the city where I stay now. In a discount, of course. (Lol. Cannot lie that buying expensive stuffs in full price is not so me hehe ). Pair it up with my navy boots from ZALORA Indonesia that I got some months ago as the reward of the ambassador program to complete the shades of navy blue. I seriously love navy blue and brown and grey and white. So, wearing this look absolutely brighten my mood, warming my feeling in this kinda cold rainy season. It was a perfect day. yayness.

In the end of this post I'd like to say HAPPY NATIONAL ONLINE SHOPPING DAY to all of my friends who're gonna buy anything on indonesian online shops. You know, December 12 means discounts and sales everywhereeeeeeee in Indonesian online shops. Have a fun and satisfying shopping, guys! Btw if you shop on ZALORA Indonesia too, you also can get extra 15% discount from me, special for this blog's reader, by using this unique code : 


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December 20, 2016 at 12:24 PM

hahaha it's going to be hard to take photos outside bcs of the rainy season! Sometimes I really hope Indonesia isn't a tropical country, lol.
anyway, in love with the colours of the sweater!

January 31, 2017 at 3:49 AM

I really like that sweater and (also) navy blue!!!


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