Saturday, July 8, 2017

Blackpink in Your Area

Hello Muggles!
Glad to be back. Super sorry for my long M.I.A and letting this blog abandoned. I didn't mean to, really. But my real life has been very good lately and I just wanna enjoy it as satisfy as possible: I don't wanna miss a thing. So yeah, life is choices and I decided to choose real life than online life.

Btw It's also been a long time since the last time I did photoshoot, for my own OOTD desire or any campaign for partnership. I have to admit that I missss doing my thing alot. You might not believe me, but I did this photoshoot alone, allby myself. No photographer, no friend, no companion. Just me and my camera. And I took the pics by using timer. Sounds pathetic, I guess, but I was very happy at that momment. I'm that kind of weird blogger, you know..

I wore my pink shirt as the outer of my black T-shirt this time. I never really wore pink thingy before, because of the classic reason like gender color or personality judgement. But I watch a Kpop group caled BLACKPINK recently and they inspired me. Lol. It turned out to be not really bad. Black and baby pink look fine. At least, that was what I thought. See you on the next OOTD Photos!

Soo excited for the BLACKPINK's comeback!


  1. Waaa mas Aul balik! The pink shirt totally catches the attention ugh kok bagus sih??? Btw aku juga selalu take ootd photos alone haha malah kayak self therapy aja karena I love taking photos and posing in front of the camera so taking ootd photos by ourselves gives us both :p

    Anyway I hope your life is still as good as this post was made! Cheers xx


    1. Hehehe thank you for waiting ;)

      IKR. Makanya aku pake wkwkwk
      Amiin, thank you Dyn!

  2. You and this outfit are gorgeous! Absolutely love it! id

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