Friday, October 13, 2017

Going Monochrome for A Day

Wearing white shirt with stripe details from Lazada Fashion Indonesia

Hello Muggles! How's life? In this post I'm gonna show you guys how I wear monochrome outfit. You see, I'm usually not into monochrome. I used to be into neutral or radiant colors all the time, and almost never use black-white combo since that will make the atmosphere around me feels sad. Meanwhile, I'm such a happy person. I think I feel happier wearing colorful shirts. But hey, this amazing mono shirt is an exception, I guess. It comes in a comfort material and super cool stripe details. I love it. I mean, who will not?

You see, I'm in mono head to toe

I actually got this shirt some months ago. But I never got a chance to wear it because I had been a little bit thicker before, been busy with thesis and everything that made me never did sport or work out. Beside, everything tasted yummy lately and I couldn't help my self not to eat all the food that I saw. But thanks God, my one week diet is working and I can wear my slim shirt now since I'm skinnier hehehe.

Loving my mono shirt so much!
Thank you Lazada!

Do you love monochrome too?


  1. I have that kind of socks too! High five!!

    Kiko Kim

    1. High five!!!!

      Haha IK that's kinda cute riteee

  2. gimana cara dietnya iiiih tell me! Aku harus turun 5 kilo sebelum awal tahun :(

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd


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