Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jakarta Fashion Week 2018

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Anyone here attended Jakarta Fashion Week this month?
Well, I did. Not for the whole week (I'm a magister student, remember? Quite busy. Tell me about it lol), but I came for one of my most favorite session: The Menswear Fashion Show. That night was the fourth day of the event, and I visited Senayan City Mall --where the event held-- wearing my Stanley Adams shirt combined with my all time best items, the black velvet bowtie and sleeveles jacket from ZALORA Indonesia.

So the show of the night was purposively for Menswear Fashion Design Competition. The show was started with the fashion show of the collections from top 6 finalist. All of the pieces are brilliant, with unique cutting and styling, make all of the collections were catchy and cool. Most of the designs are in neutral colors --which I adore so much-- made me could not blink even for just a second.

The show then continued with the creation of the finalist to re-vamp the GRAB Jacket. In that momment I wonder how they would pulling the design off as we know that the black-and-green jacket is really iconic, even other online vehicle services could not 100% differentiate their own jacket with it. But the finalist turned out to be designing awesome new GRAB jackets. Everyone clapped their hands when the masterpieces showed on the catwalk. Here are my favorites.

In the end, my fav didn't win, lol

The Winner of The Menswear Fashion Design Competition. Congratulations!

In the end of the event, I met my fav menswear celebgram.
Tysna Saputra and Lucky Oetama!

Epic group selfie!

That was one of the most awesome night and also my very first time to attend a fashion week. I was so happy and lucky to finally make it being there. I wish I could attend the similar event next time. See you in the next post, guys!




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Zahrah Nida
October 31, 2017 at 5:20 PM

Penasaran dengan tiap detail jaket Grab yang di presentasikan :(
Dari jauh kayak bagus.
Awalnya saya mata sebelah lihat warna hijau yang dicampur warna lain.
Namun sepertinya Grab mengubah segalanya.....................

November 23, 2017 at 9:32 PM This comment has been removed by the author.

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