Monday, December 11, 2017

One Windy Afternoon on The Beach

Hello Desember! Thank's God, there is no winter here in Indonesia since it is a tropical country. But still, it's quite colder now. And wet, everywhere, since it's raining almost everyday, lol. So, lately my uncle and his family went to Ancol Beach, Jakarta. They asked me to join since I was not really doing anything in my dormitory. It was actually his family fathering and reunion, so I didn't really know anyone there except one or two. But whatev, at least I could see one of my most favorite place on earth (after my home), then I didn't think anything else important, lol. #BadNephew. Anyway I wore monochrome outfit that day. What do you think?

Somehow feels like Japanese beach
Somehow feels like Paris lol

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