Monday, May 7, 2018

Spring is Coming

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Welcome Spring!
Actually it's not really wintery in Indonesia (maybe a little bit colder than usual, darker clouds and more rain, but snow is not included). But I'm so tired of wearing thick sweater all the time to keep my body warm. I mean, come on! I have green shirt and loafers too, and it's gonna be awkward to wear such thing in the middle of wet season where everything seems monochorme and all-sad-colors. Thanks God it's brighter now (Well, actually this post is kinda late considering the spring is already coming some weeks ago, but who cares, I'm busy with my thesis, I couldn't even have time for shopping anymore. nor blogging hehe). So, do you like my new green mint shirt?

I pair it with my brown chinos from Zara Man
And an unbranded rubber loafers to prevent my feet from water.
Well, the ground is kinda wet, sometimes. Eventhough the rainy season is over.
I blame the global warming, urgh

It's a little bit shocking to realize that I have no green things in my closet
Not even an undies! Can you believe that? LOL
So yeah, this is my first green shirt. As well as my first mint green item.

I'm so sorry for the lack of the post update, okay? Seriously I'm quite busy with my thesis recently (already done the proposal examination thou, yay!). But the thing is, magister study is a bit different with undergraduate study. I maybe get lesser classes, but the assignments.. and the final thesis.. are kinda worse and wasting all of my not-so-free time. I just wish time will fly quicker and then august and tadaahh, I will finally finish my study. In order to have more time for this blog. Hehehe. I'm thinking to re-design the appearance thou. You agree?

See you in the next post!




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Lucy Lie
May 7, 2018 at 2:31 PM

Hello! been awhile since the last time I visited your blog! it changed a lot, in a good way and liked how more minimal and yet still defined the artistic self-brand :D I wish you bunch of luck for your Master thesis! I wish I was in your position now! Pursue master is one of my bucket list, while though, I am still a undergraduate final year student. haha

like your shirt! it is not everyday you get to see man wearing playful colours!

Cheers, Lucy x


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